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Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

Bialetti 6800 Moka Express 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker
Product Description Product Description

Adding eclectic character to the kitchen stovetop, this polished-aluminum coffee pot features a unique octagon shape that was first designed in Italy in 1933. The unit makes six 2-ounce espresso cups of coffee in just four to five minutes and is extremely simple to use. Just fill the lower chamber with water and the top filter with fine-ground coffee. Then place the pot on the stove and heat until the water boils. Through a pressurizing process, espresso moves to the upper chamber of the pot, ready to be served. Other highlights include a flip-up top with an easy-grip knob, a stay-cool black plastic handle, and a side-pour spout. When finished using the unit, wash it by hand with warm soapy water and rinse clean. Made in Italy, the espresso maker measures 4-1/4 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

Product Description

Aluminum, stovetop espresso maker produces 6 demitasse cups of rich, authentic Italian espresso in just 4-5 minutes.

Product Features

  • Stovetop brewer makes 6 2-ounce cups of espresso in just 4 to 5 minutes
  • Made of durable polished aluminum in a unique octagon shape
  • Flip-up top and side-pour spout provide added convenience
  • Wash by hand with warm soapy water and rinse clean; made in Italy
  • Measures 4-1/4 by 8 inches

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 9 inches ; 1.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds 
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • ASIN: B000CNY6UK
  • Item model number: 06800

Customer Reviews

Review 1:

About 12 years ago I was in Milan, and a friend gave me one of these to take home. I have used it nearly every day since (I don't take it out of town), so that should give you an idea of how sturdy it is. It is the best coffee maker I have ever owned. To compare, I also have a high-tech espresso machine with frother; a state-of-the-art automatic drip coffeemaker; a French Press; and a different style of stovetop maker, which, surprisingly, makes a different brew. But I ALWAYS go back to my Bialetti Moka 6-cup for the best espresso and lattes. You even will get a crema effect with this simple pot. For lattes, I simply fill half a coffee mug with milk, heat it in the microwave until it's hot, and then top it off with espresso. It's low-maintenance -- every once in a while I replace the internal rubber gasket, which costs a buck or so, depending upon where you buy it. If you like your coffee like the Italians and the Cubans, then you will like the brew this serves. I am loyal to this simple little pot, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Review 2:
This coffee maker rocks. It makes coffee more quickly than a conventional electric coffee maker - in fact, it takes longer to boil water in a teapot than to make a pot of coffee w/ the Bialetti. You can make exactly how much coffee you want (need?), adn adjust the flavor. It is easy to make espresso-like coffee, and the flavor is strong and exquisite. The cleanup is quick and easy, except you have to wait for it to cool down. Plus there's no need for filters. And it's great for camping.

Review 3:
I was having to decide between this apparatus and a much more expensive machine. I wondered if I could get a great cup of coffee from a $20 device. So, curious as I was, I bought it. Now, some of the reviews have complained of foul taste but if you read the instructions like I do, you will note that Bialetti strongly recommends that you brew a pot or two to get those flavors out and get practice on how to use the Moka Express. Well, several cups later I am very pleased with the results. I do suggest that you use freshly ground coffees (that is grind it immediately before use). You can also use it for tea! How's that for versital! I found out that this pot has been around since 1933. If people are still buying them, they must be pretty darn good!

Review 4:
This is the perfect addition to the coffee lover's kitchen. This machine delivers all the flavor and aroma of espresso without the expense and bulk of a cappuccino machine. I highly recommend this product whether you are in a dorm in college or sharing a home with your spouse. Well made from a reputable company, and all the class and style that comes with its practical Italian design. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. Enjoy!

Review 5:
I bought the Bialetti six cup stovetop espresso maker and the tuttocrema frother about two years ago and use them frequently to make cappuccinos. When I was living in Germany, my hostess would make me a cappuccino with such a stovetop maker every morning and so I bought one when I returned to the states. She also had an expensive automatic machine, but I actually preferred when she used the stove-top maker. The six cup is enough to make two very large cappuccinos and if I want to make just one for me, I fill up the water and grounds only half way. So far it has worked wonderfully. The frother takes some practice, but I think the key is to make sure the milk is hot but not scalding and not to over-froth. If the milk is too hot it doesn't hold froth.

Review 6:
5 trips to Starbucks and this little baby is paid for!! It makes great espresso, and is easy to use.. especially if you read the reviews/tips left on here by other users, it takes alot of the guess work out for you!! My first couple pots were bitter (like it warns they may be) but after that it made perfect coffee everytime!

Review 7:
have had my 6-cup bialetti for about 2 years and it is a gem. Incredibly easy to use. Friends and family voluntarily compliment the espresso and cappucinos I serve them and then stare in amazement at the little pot it came from.
Have learned it gets a bit musty if you let it sit unused for while; it's easily cooked out with one pot of just water. I'm getting another one to have on hand in case something happens to this one.

Review 8:
The Bialetti needs to be primed with 2 or 3 batches of coffee before first use to prevent any aluminum flavor. Perhaps the author's taste buds have been spoiled by Sanka and too many trips to Starbucks to appreciate the fine compromise between drip coffee and espresso that the Bialetti offers the educated user.

Review 9:
Whoa! You want espresso.... this little pot makes great espresso. I've had a $300 fancy espresso maker and it was a pain to use. It ended up in the cupboard and finally I gave it away. But this little guy is a jewel. It makes the best coffee plus it looks good sitting out on the stove. For the price you can get one in every size!!

Review 10:
I use a Francis Francis X5 (pricey!!) at home and a Saeco Classico at work and let me tell you, the Bialetti Moka Express rivals both of those. Although you don't quite get the same crema, it doesn't seem to matter much in the end. What you get is strong espresso that isn't bitter like what you get when you use a french press. As the coffee brews, it percolates into the upper chamber which is great because it doesn't burn. I bought two of these as gifts for Christmas and both recipients were very impressed by the end result. It's a must have for any espresso aficianados, or those who want a strong cup of coffee on vacation. No wonder 9 out of 10 Italian families own at least one!

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